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Do You Love To Keep Chickens? Are You Thinking of Starting Your First Flock?

Get Suggestions on Chicken Breeds, Flock Management, and Coop Setup - Tailored to You!

Meet the Development Team

When we started keeping chickens in the summer of 2013 we didn't know what we were doing. We had read up on chicken keeping, gotten some supplies ahead of time, but by the time our first clutch of chicks arrived we didn't have a clue. Chickens are very forgiving critters. So whilst we got over the first round of stumbling blocks they took care of themselves. I know if I had the Poultry Planner when we started we would still have our first flock of chickens. We also would not have hatched so many chicks before the coops were ready. I want you to learn from our mistakes. I want to create the tools and share the know how I wish I had when we started. I love keeping heritage chickens, it brings me great joy. So I want to help do my bit to conserve these amazing breeds and to encourage others to do the same.   - Niamh Brown | Hermit Studio

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